CW Renew/Cancel: Riverdale Upgraded to a Likely Renewal

Hello folks! This is Jessica, with the latest CW Renew/Cancel predictions. And now for the table...

Changes from Last Week:
Riverdale upgraded to "Likely Renewal" from "Leans Renewal"  

In week 3, Riverdale has separated itself from the pack to the positive while The 100 is holding steady. That is good news for both shows, and more so for Riverdale.

In last night's final ratings, Riverdale adjusted up to a 0.5 A18-49 rating. With an upward adjustment, I'm upgrading the show to a likely renewal.

Riverdale is also reaching the hard to reach W18-34 viewers, with its relative Plus rating at 118 with Supernatural as a lead-in. Also, I don't think the CW will cancel every single one of its freshman newbies.

The 100 holds at "Leans Renewal", scoring another 0.4 this week.

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