Fresh Off the Boat S3E13 Review

This week for Valentine's, Eddie tries to get his first kiss.

S3E13 "Neighbors with Attitude"

The episode has a strange beginning, with Jessica and Louis finding a sandwich in their mailbox. They go to the police, and it is pretty funny when Jessica gets excited about the idea of a neighborhood watch. There is a HOA meeting scene, which are always great. When the neighborhood watch gets started without Jessica, she proves her skills to the others by showing them how good she is at finding Waldo, which was very funny.

Louis helps Jessica learn how to be a team player, which she is completely horrible at, which is funny. However, she improves, and finally becomes ready. However, Jessica gets completely shut down. Louis and Evan talk, though they are both concerned with two different things, and I loved Evan's ranting about how the one mom spent money on sandals. Louis steals a lawn decoration so that the HOA will listen to Jessica's ideas, but that leads to some bad unintended consequences.

After the new kid goes missing, Louis tells Jessica, and she has a hilarious line about white people not being able to keep track of their kids. Louis and Jessica attempt to find the kid, and Jessica's Waldo-finding skills come in handy when it turns out that they kid went to the mall. In the end, Jessica concludes that she and Louis are the only smart people in the neighborhood, which I loved.

In the Valentine's Day themed story, Eddie aims to get his first kiss at the best possible opportunity before 9th grade. This has a silly conclusion, when Trent has to help a choking Eddie by giving him mouth-to-mouth (even though that isn't for choking...). This story felt more obligatory for Valentine's than anything else. Meanwhile, Grandma Huang bets Emery that he can't find her money hidden in the house, which is a fairly interesting idea, and results in one funny line, about Emery getting warmer.

Jessica and Louis had a great story this week, and Evan's moments were great as well. The small Emery and Grandma Huang story was entertaining, but Eddie's story is what dragged the episode down from the 10/10 it could have been.

Score: 8/10

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