Superior Donuts S1E3 Review

Security is the topic of this week's episode, but donut shop security should be much more comedic than the national security on the news.

S1E3 "Crime Time"

The people at Superior Donuts discuss staying safe after the dry cleaners is robbed, and it is funny when the girl shows everyone her "bus face". Franco and Sweatpants show Arthur all of the ways that people could get into his apartment, which is pretty funny. Franco makes a plan as to who will take care of Arthur each day, and it is funny when the Iraqi man keeps talking about the sexy fireman on the calendar. Then, Arthur comes in, revealing he bought a gun.

Everyone ends up debating about guns, which luckily doesn't go on too long. Arthur, Franco, and Randy go to a shooting range, where Arthur turns out to be terrible with a gun. Randy has a funny moment when she shoots a heart into a target's head. When Franco discovers later that Arthur didn't get rid of the gun, they tell the police officers that find them that Randy knows them, and there is a good callback to her need for coffee at the beginning of the episode.

This episode was entertaining, but nothing wonderful. I laughed, though not too much. It didn't stand out in any way, but was worth the watch.

Score: 7.5/10

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