Superior Donuts S1E4 Review

This week, Franco tries to get Arthur to trust him.

S1E4 "Trust Me"

At the start of the episode, Franco discovers that Arthur doesn't trust him, and there is a great moment where Franco lists reasons that Arthur may not trust him, and lists that he smokes weed twice. Randy encourages Arthur to trust Franco, but when Arthur gives Franco the money to go to the bank, he gets mugged.

It turns out that Arthur only gave Franco thirty dollars, not seven hundred. However, Franco, not yet knowing this, calls the police, and it's really funny when the Iraqi man tries to help Arthur act natural, and then later when everyone talks about the crackhead family. Franco discovers that Arthur only gave him thirty dollars, and he is upset.

Arthur wants to prove that he trusts Franco, so he insists that he does a trust fall. It is hilarious when everyone follows him around the counter. Arthur explains to Franco why it is hard for him to trust him, and Franco has a great line in response to the fact that he is Arthur's first employee to not have been sleeping with him. Arthur also shows Franco the safe, and it is funny when Franco finds a picture of him.

This episode had a lot of great jokes, especially as the episode went along, as it would get funnier and funnier. However, the guy doing the caricatures was fairly annoying.

Score: 9/10

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