Bull S1E14 Review

This week's episode has to do with the government, and hacking also becomes involved.

S1E14 "It's Classified"

This week, Bull takes a case that Benny is opposed to, of a lieutenant who leaked information. It is interesting that the show is taking on a leak in the times we are currently living in. Marissa insists that the team do no hacking this week, and Cable has a great reaction to all of this. The jury pool is analyzed for a potential nuclear juror, and Bull trusts his own analysis over the jurors over the research his team does.

Bull analyzes the jury's body language, and everything they had thought about the jury turns out to be wrong, as has Marissa and Cable are discovering at the same time, they have been hacked. Bull tries to figure out what that classified information Benny knows is, and after Benny refuses to say anything, Bull decides to figure out what he knows without Benny speaking. This was a very interesting scene. In court, Benny gets arrested by the FBI for violating the Espionage Act, as this episode gets even more interesting.

Bull and Benny talk, where Bull reveals that he had a plan, and Benny screwed it up. The tension between them has really grown due to this intense case. The client is now going to give the closing argument, so Bull tries to get the story out of her, while she just dictates the facts. Bull uncovers her story of why she cares so much about civilians. Then, Bull trains her in making her closing argument. She is found not guilty on three of the charges, but guilty on the fourth, which I found surprising.

The lieutenant is sentenced to twelve years, but then Bull gets the sentence reduced to one year served on base by turning to someone who is a higher authority. It was nice for the show to have a case that didn't go perfectly, but was still satisfying. The team gets Benny back, and he talks to Bull about secrets. At the end of the episode, Benny finds out that he is under investigation, which is an interesting ending.

This was my favorite episode of Bull so far. Bull's people analysis skills were very important this week, and it dealt with an interesting topic. I especially loved how the case concluded this week.

Score: 10/10

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