Modern Family S8E12 Review

Valentine's Day comes again to Modern Family, which has had its strong moments, especially with the initial one, and with the one with the three separate stories on three different days.

S8E12 "Do You Believe in Magic?"

Mitch and Cam are excited to empower women, starting with Lily, and then Haley when they have to go out with her and Sal. However, both end up being bad decisions. I really enjoyed them thinking that they are being something wonderful, because that is definitely something that they do.

Jay has to deal with Joe giving women underwear, which is a strange thing for him to be doing. However, I did end up enjoying when Joe acted like a mini-Jay. They are finally giving Joe a personality. In the end, Jay realizes he does have to deal with the fact that Joe is taking on some of his negative personality traits as well. This story didn't really go much of anywhere, which was disappointing.

Claire and Phil's story is not that original. We know that Claire prioritizes her work from an episode last season. We know that she's bad at giving gifts from the season 1 episode with their anniversary. In the end, it turns out that she actually had a plan all along, and was just making it look like it was going poorly, which is also exactly what Jay did in season 2's Valentine's Day episode.

Mitch and Cam definitely had the funniest story, and even theirs wasn't all that great. Jay's story didn't go much of anywhere, and Phil and Claire's wasn't very original.

Score: 4.5/10

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