The First Three Weeks: New Network Shows Fall 2016- Part 4: Summary

Welcome to The First Three Weeks. I'll be discussing the First Three Weeks of the new fall shows in these four installments, ranking them by each episode. In the fourth edition, I'll do an overview of what I saw in the first three episodes of the new shows.  I'll return with another edition for Midseason. After the pilots, I stopped watching Pitch. After episode 2, I gave up on Conviction. I never watched Notorious to begin with. I will also be returning next week to follow up on the new shows.

Unranked: Notorious

#19- Conviction
Conviction was pretty boring. I didn't find it interesting in the slightest. I tuned out during episode 2, as I didn't see much hope in me watching it. It has a good cast, but not much else.
Average Grade: F
Average Score: 4.25/10

#18- Pitch
I gave up on Pitch during the pilot. So I never got to see the follow-up episodes, and I don't know what became of it. Enough said.
Average Grade: D
Average Score: 5/10

#17- The Exorcist

The lowest ranked show of the shows I continued watching, The Exorcist has been a dud. I never expected to even watch it, but Geena David sucked me in. And honestly, I'm not sure why I still watch it. Episode 4 may also be the episode I tune out of the Exorcist for good.
Average Grade: C-
Average Score: 6.16/10

#16- MacGyver
This show hasn't been great, but it makes for good casual viewing. It really isn't a very good show, and the acting isn't great, but I don't mind it. It's a good Friday show and not much else.
Average Grade: C
Average Score: 6.66/10

#15- The Great Indoors
The Great Indoors has been pretty cheesy and uninteresting so far, but it isn't all bad. Sometimes, it can actually be funny. It's not nearly as good as the rest of the CBS Thursday night lineup, but it's fine. Average Grade: B
Average Score: 7.33/10

#14- Pure Genius
Pure Genius showed promise in its pilot, and it impressed me, because the ads were not very good. After the first episode, it got less interesting. I enjoyed the next episode even less, and at this point I'm not sure I'll watch for much longer. Average Grade: C+
Average Score: 7.5/10

#13- Bull
Bull, like most other CBS shows, had a pilot that wasn't very good, and I just didn't like it. But Michael Weatherly gave a great performance and the show showed promise. It got better in upcoming weeks, and I actually enjoy it a good deal now. 
Average Grade: B+
Average Score: 7.66/10

#12- Man With a Plan
Man With a Plan had a pretty weak pilot, based on a tired and uninteresting premise. The episodes that followed it were better, as they started to focus on things other than Adam taking care of his kids.  Average Grade: B
Average Score: 7.66/10

#11- Son of Zorn
Son of Zorn had a decent pilot, but it was one of my least favorite comedy pilots this season. It didn't really seem to utilize its extremely talented cast, but the later episode have started to. It's grown on me, and I now look forward to it each week.
Average Grade: B+
Average Score: 8/10

#10- Frequency
Frequency had a very strong start, but kinda fizzled out after that. Each episode got progressively less interesting. The concept wore itself thin. I didn't find myself enjoying the show very much after the third episode, and therefore, its spot on this list is inflated by the first two episodes.
Average Grade: B-
Average Score: 8.33/10

#9- Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor wasn't quite the show I wasn't expecting, though I still thoroughly enjoy it. I was expecting a thriller, and it isn't really all that thrilling. It is interesting, though, and I really enjoy Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Tom Kirkman.
Average Score: 8.33/10
Average Grade:

#8- Kevin Can Wait
I don't think Kevin Can Wait is a great show. Or even a very good one. But it entertains me for a half hour and that's good enough for me.
Average Grade: B+
Average Score: 8.33/10

#7- Timeless
Timeless started out with a pretty good pilot, but I really loved the next episode. It was one of my favorite episodes of the week, and it made me hopeful that that would be the creative direction of the remainder of the series. Unfortunately, it wasn't, and episode three slipped to good but not great" levels.
Average Grade: B
Average Score: 8.66/10

#6- No Tomorrow
No Tomorrow was the CW show I was most excited from since pilot season. When it premiered, I really enjoyed it. I started to like it even more. While the show is no Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it's still a nice addition to the CW's rom-com lineup.
Average Grade: A-
Average Score: 8.66/10

#5- Speechless
Speechless has been a great addition to the ABC Wednesday lineup. It hasn't been my favorite new comedy, but I've really enjoyed it. It's something very refreshing and different. It's great to see a family with a special needs child on TV. The whole cast of Speechless has added something special to this show, and they make it unique.
Average Grade: A-
Average Score: 8.83/10

#4- Lethal Weapon

When Lethal Weapon was announced, I really didn't expect much from it. Previous movie adaptations like Rush Hour left me underwhelmed, and I was pretty sure that would happen wit Lethal Weapon. But Lethal Weapon actually managed to be great, with a great cast and entertaining plots. It manages to reinvigorate the police procedural by adding humor. Clayne Crawford is the standout here, though Damon Wayans is always great, too.
Average Grade: A-
Average Score: 9/10

#3- This Is Us
This Is Us was the biggest hit of the 2016-17 fall season, and it was a pretty good show, too. I really enjoyed the pilot episode, and the twist, while predictable to many, was great. The other episodes were pretty great too, and I'm excited to see where this show goes next.
Average Grade: A
Average Score: 9.3/10

#2- American Housewife
American Housewife impressed me from the beginning, with a strong cast and funny lines throughout its pilot. The second episode was even better, and it was tied for my favorite second episode of all of the new fall shows. Unfortunately, it couldn't stay at quite that level in week 3, though it was still great. American Housewife has made a great addition to the ABC family sitcom roster.
Average Grade: A-
Average Score: 9.5/10

#1- The Good Place
The Good Place was my favorite new show of the fall season. All three episodes were great, among the best episodes of 2016. It was compelling and funny from the start, and I can't wait for more.
Average Grade: A+
Average Score: 10/10

Network Averages:

#5- Fox, 7.04, Grade of B

Fox had a rough group of newbies this year. While Lethal Weapon was consistently great, Son of Zorn started off okay and slowly got better, while Pitch bored me from the start. The Exorcist wasn't great, and stayed pretty meh for the remaining three weeks.

#4- CBS, 7.52, Grade of B
CBS had six new shows this fall, and I didn't love any of them. The standouts for me were Kevin Can Wait, Bull, and Man With a Plan. While none of these are great shows, they're still enjoyable nonetheless.

#3- ABC, 7.72, Grade of B+

ABC had a mixed bag this year, with two great comedies, but only one drama that I liked. 

#2- The CW, 8.49, Grade of B

While the CW started with two strong shows, but by the end were left with just one. Frequency wore pretty thin by the end of the third episode, while I liked No Tomorrow more.

#1- NBC, 9.32, Grade of A

NBC overall has the best new shows, and it isn't close. The Good Place and This Is Us both were among my top 3 new shows, and Timeless had a great second episode.


Funniest New Show: The Good Place
Best Dramatic New Show: This is Us
Least Interesting New Show: Conviction
Biggest Improvement from Episode 1 to 3: Bull
Biggest Decline from Episode 1 to 3: Frequency

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