Superstore S2E15 Review

There is a wellness fair at Cloud 9 this week on Superstore.

S2E15 "Wellness Fair"

Amy calls in sick to work so that she can go to a movie with her daughter, and while there she sees Jeff and Mateo kiss. She tells Cheyenne and Garrett this, and wonders what to do about Jeff cheating on Sandra. Amy talks to Mateo, who tells Amy the truth, but someone overhears, and word spreads around the store. Amy talks to Cheyenne and Garrett about what to do about this, and it's funny when Garrett gives the advice of doing nothing, and talks about how easy that is.

Instead, Amy ends up making up a story to defend Sandra, and when Cheyenne tries to help out, she says that Sandra is pregnant. It is very funny when Glenn hears and reacts to this. When Jeff has to be called in after an abortion debate between Glenn and Jeff, secrets come out. Jeff reveals that he's gay, and it's hilarious when Glenn is shocked by this. Dina ends up revealing that she and Garrett have had sex.

After Jonah is surprised when Glenn says he considered being a doctor, Glenn then tries to have a conversation with a nurse, which is hilariously awkward. Glenn struggles with a bicycle, which is very funny, and Jonah tries to help him. Jonah finds Glenn outside holding a cigarette, which is pretty funny. Glenn talks about how he feels like he isn't as smart as Jonah, and Glenn comments on how cool Jonah looks holding a cigarette, which is pretty funny.

The main story this week was hilarious. There were many great jokes, and things got out-of-hand in exactly Superstore fashion. Jonah and Glenn's story was funny as well, though not as funny as the main story.

Score: 9.5/10

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