Jane the Virgin S3E12 Review

Jane is taking an exciting step forward with her career this week, while Rafael and Petra deal with the discovery that the last episode ended upon.

S3E12 "Chapter Fifty-Six"

The episode begins with a flashback to one month after Michael's death. Jane is dealing with panic attacks. I really wish we got to see more of Jane dealing with these sort of things. Although Jane is now no longer in therapy in the present, she has a panic attack when she sees Michael's old partner, and she slaps him. Flashbacks reveal why he makes Jane angry, as five months after Michael's death, his partner was secretly investigating if he was involved with Sin Rostro, betraying Jane's trust. He and Jane, however, have a great scene where they talk about what happened then.

Jane is dealing with her horrible boss, but when she gets offered a book deal, with fifty thousand dollars, she can now give her boss her two-weeks notice. When she tells her boss this, her boss is horrible to her about it, which made it so great to see Jane tell her what a bitch she is. However, things go wrong when Jane discovers that she doesn't get all the money right away. So, Jane tries to apologize to her boss, which is very funny. Jane and Rafael talk about Jane's dreams, and what she does for now, which I loved.

Xo and Rogelio getting along well doesn't last for long, when Xo discovers that Rogelio did know how Xo was going to be portrayed on his show. Rogelio tries to apologize to Xo, but she won't listen. He talks to Alba, and it is a wonderful scene, where Alba helps Rogelio realize that he has lost reality. Rogelio gets Darci to admit that she sent Xo the video, which leads to Darci talking about her feelings and her fame. Rogelio decides to quit the show, but that leads to him being sued.

Rafael and Petra deal with the fact that Scott was found dead, and a struggling employee. Rafael tells Petra that he hired this employee because it's hard for ex-cons to get work. Petra tries to figure out more about Scott's death, and that leads to a scene of her and Rogelio. It is pretty funny when they both have trouble understanding each other. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that both Petra and Rafael are up to something, as Petra moved the body onto the Fairwick property, and Rafael meets with the ex-con who works for them.

Jane's panic attack story was great, and I hope we get more stories like this in upcoming weeks. The other stories this week were also very enjoyable, and the ending was interesting.

Score: 9/10

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