Mom S4E14 Review

After the break-up last week, Christy is very annoyed by Bonnie.

S4E14 "Roast Chicken and a Funny Story"

Bonnie goes way over her time in a meeting, and the other characters' thoughts are revealed during this, and they are pretty stereotypical thoughts of those characters. Christy tells Marjorie, Jill, and Wendy how much Bonnie is annoying her, so they offer to take her off her hands at some times. Jill tells Bonnie that it will take five penises to get over Adam, which is funny. Christy goes to the grocery store to escape Bonnie, and it's very funny how much she enjoys this. Christy runs into Adam at the grocery store, and encourages him to go back to Bonnie. At the end of the first act, Adam does go back to Bonnie.

Bonnie and Adam make up very quickly, but it is very awkward between them. It seems odd to me that they would so casually resume their relationship when everything was so heated before. The show goes overboard with the point of Bonnie and Adam don't have anything to talk about, but it was pretty funny when they excitedly called Christy over as soon as she got home. When Adam blows Bonnie off, Christy gives advice, and it is funny when Christy gets excited about Marjorie saying she is right. Also, Jill behaves oddly during this scene. Bonnie and Adam talk, and it's a fairly good scene.

This was a pretty good episode. It was definitely not a stand out one, but it had enough funny moments.

Score: 7/10

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