The Middle S8E13 Review

This week, Frankie and Mike take care of a baby after Frankie discovers that her ovaries are shriveled.

S8E13 "Ovary and Out"

Frankie gets upset about her ovaries getting old, and I loved when Mike realizes that anything he says will be wrong. Mike, however, tries to fix the situation by getting Frankie a baby (babysitting someone's baby), which is a very entertaining scene between the two of them. It is an interesting twist when Frankie discovers that Mike got the baby for himself.

Mike and Frankie drive "the route", and it is great when Frankie starts crying about a bump being paved over, and Mike makes a remark about how the baby just stopped crying. At the end, Frankie and Mike are excited about being able to get pancakes, which was a good ending, and very funny.

Brick gets more people to join his font club, but they are just there for credit. When he tells his family about how one new member actually is good at fonts, it is very funny when he compares it to sports, then fails to give Mike a high-five. Brick meets that talented one at a store, and it is hilarious as they have a showdown to see who is better at fonts, in a very western style. I loved this.

Axl and Sue have a hangout comedy type of storyline, which is interesting to see, and makes sense considering how they are both young adults. I wasn't really a fan, however, of how this story fizzled out.

The Axl and Sue story wasn't that strong, but the rest of the episode was great, with many funny moments.

Score: 9/10

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