Bull S1E15 Review

This week, the attorney Bull has romantic interest in from the Texas-set episode returns to oppose Bull yet again.

S1E15 "What's Your Number?"

At the start of the episode, a sky-bridge collapses, and the CGI in the scene is, well, less than great. Bull is recruited to work on the manslaughter case against the person who owned the building. Bull wants to take on the case because he doesn't like the person, which I found to be a bit petty. Making sure he goes to jail for manslaughter because you don't like him? The lawyer that went against Bull in the Texas episode returns this week. On the first day of trial, the power goes out at Bull's team's building, which is owned by the guy they are working against.

The team moves their work over to Bull's apartment. This brings out how odd Bull can be. Bull determines that the defendant is a sociopath, because he can't figure out what his tell is. The defense attorney gets rid of the mirror jury. Bull's team strikes a juror because he is smoking marijuana, and it is really ridiculous when he is asked about it, and he forgets the question before he even answers it. Bull's rivalry with the defense attorney isn't as interesting as the show seems to think it is. While this is all happening, Danny investigates, and it is very typical police procedural-esque.

The project manager returns to tell Danny the truth, so the prosecution gets him to take the stand. This leads to a plea deal. However, we aren't much more than halfway through the episode, so more is to come. They discover that the project manager killed himself, but Bull believes that the defendant had him killed. The prosecution attorney believes he has nothing left to present in court, but Bull insists on digging into emails to prove the defendant's guilt. Benny prepares the prosecution attorney for the defendant taking the stand, which seems to be just to give Benny something to actually do this week.

It turns out that Bull was right about digging into the emails. Cable discovers that the defendant had come up with values for each type of person's life, to determine whether it would be worth redoing the sky-bridge. This easily convinces the jury that he is guilty. The end of the episode set up some serialization, with the relationship between Bull and the attorney, which I find completely uninteresting, and with an investigation that Benny is informed about.

The character of Jason Bull actually annoyed me this week, in the way that he was obsessed from the start in getting this conviction. Also, there was the whole romantic story, which I'm not interested in, and the fact that the supporting cast got hardly anything to do. Also, the win for the case came all of a sudden at once, instead of making progress throughout, which I disliked, and there was little jury focus, with the whole mirror jury never even helping Bull.

Score: 2.5/10

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