Speechless S1E16 Review

With the Oscars coming up this Sunday, this week is an Oscar-themed episode of Speechless.


At the start of the episode, Maya has lost her keys, and it's funny when Ray demonstrates his special skill of being able to find them. A new mom joins the group for special needs moms, and she turns out to not be a mess, like they were when they all started. When the other moms decide then to look nice for the Oscar party, Maya insists that she undo everything that was done to make the house look nice.

Kenneth and J.J, debate over who knows movies better, and it is funny when Kenneth figures out how to make movie trivia fair. It is very funny as Jimmy observes the behavior of the special needs dads, and how they do whatever their wives tell them. So, he decides to use them to fix things and make the garage look nice, which is hilariously easy for him to get them to do. Ray meets a girl who interests him, though she is very odd.

Things go wrong when the cable goes out, and the moms all bring cups, so the moms all go to the new mom's house. It is funny when one mom tries to like something when it looks like something from Pintrest. Jimmy tries to help the dads figure out what they want, and it is hilarious when one says he doesn't understand the question. Kenneth levels the playing field when all of the kids want to do movie trivia, and one question leads to a fight, which he decides to level the playing field in.

Maya ends up lashing out at the new mom, and when she goes to apologize because she feels bad, it ends up leading to a bigger fight, which is funny. Ray and the girl go to his school, and it is kind of funny when he smashes a window to prove that he is fun. The moms end up deciding on a common enemy, moms without special needs kids.

Maya's story was funny, as was Kenneth and J.J.'s, and Ray's was okay, but the highlight of this week's episode was Jimmy and the dads.

Score: 8/10

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