Code Black Season 2 Review

Season two of CBS' wonderful medical drama Code Black has come and gone, and I have some thoughts on it. Here is my review of the season.

I will admit it: I didn't really love the premiere of Code Black's second season. It felt like a step down from season one and there were many new characters and it was all a bit overwhelming. But after that decent but not great premiere, the show consistently hit it out of the park week after week. While it had some weaker episodes from time to time, it was consistently good.

I wasn't impressed with Rob Lowe's Dr. Ethan Willis at first, but I really just missed him as the Grinder. As the season progressed, the character of Ethan got better and better, and he's become a valuable part of the show.

The writers and actors of the show did such a great job crafting each character to make you truly feel for them. Just like when Jesse nearly died in season one, you truly felt for each main character that died this season, and I truly will miss Heather if the series returns for a third season.

The storyline involving Rollie's Parkinson's was deeply touching and a true highlight of the season. When I feared that Rollie had died, I could feel my eyes fill with tears, only to be truly happy when I learned that he had survived.

The performances of the actors this season were amazing, with Marcia Gay Harden and William Allen Young as true standouts. Harden's work in the two-part finale was incredible, and Young was particularly great in 'Unfinished Business'.

My favorite storyline of the season was easily the virus, which was a great way to end the season, on a true high note. 'Fallen Angels' is my favorite episode of television so far in 2017, and that will probably hold true for much of the year. The episodes dealt with death and life and hope in such great ways, and the ending of 'Fallen Angels' was perfect. If set up a third season perfectly, while also being an acceptable series finale if need be.

I can't end this review without talking about the heart and soul of this show, Jesse, aka Momma. Jesse did his thing throughout this season and brought some real heart to the show. His brief firing just highlighted how necessary he is to Angels Memorial.

This season was a big improvement on season one, and I loved season one. While I missed departed characters from season one, the new characters added something special to the show, and it made it a better show.

MVP: Marcia Gay Harden
Episode of the Season: Fallen Angels

Season Score: 9.75/10
Grade: A+

As the season has now concluded, I will anxiously await news on Code Black's fate, hoping to get a third season of this truly wonderful show.

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