The Goldbergs S4E5 Review

Greetings dear readers, I know I've been absent from the website for over a month but now that my exams are over, I have returned. With that out of the way, let's get started.

S4E5 'Stevie King'

Before I actually get started, here's a super quick recap of what's happened so far: Adam's started high school but so has Beverly as a substitute teacher. Meanwhile Erica realises she likes Geoff but it's too late since he starts seeing Evie. Nothing much I can say about Barry and Murray. Their situations haven't changed much

In Storyline A, Adam reveals his obsession of Stephen King and is inspired to write his own horror story featuring his mother as the monster. Beverly comes to realise this and forces Adam to rewrite the story except with her in a better light. Given how Future Adam gave  great importance to the book 'Misery', I probably should have seen the connection coming. Either way, it was another strange bonding experience for Adam and Beverly. I've never been a Stephen King fan so I wasn't too invested in this storyline, but I must admit that it was a nice homage to his works.

In Storyline B, While still heartbroken over Geoff, Erica is forced by Lainey to take Barry to the Halloween Dance by making him pretend to be her date. Since having him as a date would have been awkward, Barry dresses up as a ridiculous plant monster. Though their plan goes wrong, Geoff tries to help Erica feel better by singing a platonic duet (That's the best way I could describe the scenario). In the end, Erica is still sad about Geoff but seems a bit better than she was at the beginning of the season.

This was not their best Halloween episode, but I think this was a close second, the first being from Season 3. As interested as I am with Erica's love story, she really needs to get back to focusing on other stuff. This thing with her and Geoff can't go on forever. But her story did provide my favourite scene of the episode where Erica is confronted by Evie about Geoff and they both start weirdly touching each other's faces.

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Quote of the week: "This is me rejoicing in your social failures"

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