Modern Family S8E8 Review

The promos this week have suggest some sort of conspiracy going on.

S8E8 "The Alliance"

This week, a secret alliance is revealed between Cam, Phil, and Gloria, and it is really funny that their line of going out to get orange juice is said by Cam while Mitch is holding the orange juice. The conversation between the three of them is entertaining, as is the flashback shown, and it sets up problems that are sure to be interesting.

It is hilarious when Gloria talks to the Russians, using phrases she picked up from Russian nannies. Mitch discovers the alliance between them, and it is very interesting as he announces it. At the end, it is also very interesting when the three reveal how they really made the vacation decision.

Haley meets Rainer Shine's daughter, which is very awkward for her. It is entertaining when she brings the daughter by Claire's office, who comments how difficult it can be to connect to teenagers. Haley ends up acting like a parent to the teenager, and it is great to see how she is a lot like Claire in this moment, as Claire has said before that Haley is similar to her.

Claire realizes that she turns to Jay for big decisions, so she decides to make a decision on her own. This is very much rooted in what is already established for Claire and Jay's relationship. It is very funny when Claire throws a sandwich in the garbage despite liking it, then taking it back out after Haley's encouragement.

This was a strong episode, with all storylines, big and small, being very entertaining, from the secret alliance to Jay and the cigar rule and Luke and the older woman.

Score: 10/10

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