Superstore Fall Finale Review

The holidays are on their way in Superstore's final two episodes of the fall, and the second episode is the much-desired Black Friday episode.

S2E8 "Seasonal Help"

Amy is annoyed by her husband working with her, and when he is introduced it is really funny how Glenn explains he isn't gay. Amy talks to Glenn, who makes a comment about Amy's marriage failing, which others agree with, and Dina isn't afraid to say of course. Amy has sex with her husband to prove their marriage isn't in trouble, which makes me really interested in seeing where the show takes her story next.

Dina, Garrett, and Jonah talk about which temporary employees will quit. Jonah hilariously then ends up setting a big pool on which employee will quit next. Jonah becomes obviously addicted to the gambling going on, and ends up trying to get the guy he bet on to quit. The employees try to get the ones they bet on to quit, which is really funny, especially Mateo and Cheyenne sexually harassing a woman and Myrtle trying to push a ladder.

Glenn works on hiring a Santa, and he says some very funny things, such as calling one fat and red. Glenn asks the Santas to answer questions to pick which one to hire, and it is really funny, especially when he says they were going to talk about dealing with Jewish kids. At the end, Glenn reveals that being Santa is a volunteer job, and one terrible applicant remains.

S2E9 "Black Friday"

Jonah is excited about Black Friday, but everyone else is tired, which is really funny. Glenn is hilarious when he tries to prepare the employees, as he ends up talking about 9/11. Glenn talks to the pharmacist, which is really funny, especially the pharmacist's line about the screenplay he is writing, and how it isn't like Limitless.

Cheyenne and Mateo try to make extra money off of customers, which is really entertaining, especially because I am loving this pairing. Jonah sees Amy getting a pregnancy test. Garrett tries to put off working the register, which is really funny.

Glenn is very calm after taking a pill, and many of the employees got sick, leaving only a small group. Amy and Jonah end up in an awkward situation when Amy uses the men's restroom since the line for the women's restroom is too long. All of the employees except Dina are in the break room, and it is hilarious as Dina lies on the floor. It is hilarious then when Glenn swears at them all.

Everyone decides to give up, but then it is surprising when Garrett is the one employee who doesn't. Garrett goes to work, so the others join him. Jonah shouts out random numbers, and it is really funny. Cheyenne makes an announcement about the store closing, which is wonderful. At the end, Amy decides she and Adam need to talk, and Dina kisses Garrett, a surprising pairing that makes sense based on Halloween.

These were two great episodes. Amy's storyline in the first episode wasn't quite as strong as the rest, but it was still very good. This was a great way to end this part of the season, with a great ending.

Score: 9.5/10 (part 1)

Score: 10/10 (part 2)

What did you think of "Seasonal Help" and "Black Friday"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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