Bull S1E7 Review

This week, a man whose wife dies while he is driving the car is put on trial, and Bull is there to help.

S1E7 "Never Saw the Sign"

This week, the team works on a vehicular manslaughter case. The DA rarely prosecutes these types of cases, which makes it interesting. As usual, the jurors are asked strange questions to determine which ones they want. Bull suspects something is up with the defendant's child, specifically why he was taken off of the team. A video of the defendant arguing with the coach looks to make the case difficult.

Benny gives the lawyer advice, and it seems that the lawyer does not know how to use quality word choice when in court, which is odd. There are some good lines in the third act, such as Bull saying that no one will be breaking the law, while calling on Cable to, and some lines in court. Bull talks to the defendant, and they talk about the disorder his son struggles with, which is a great emotional scene, that also reveals what was going on in the car before the crash.

Bull gets the lawyer to ambush their client on the stand, which ends up with positive results. An important juror is getting very close to switching to their side, and he will bring the other two remaining jurors with him. The important detail arises, that the sign was hacked, but the defendant never actually saw the sign. However, Bull comes up with an argument that will convince the jury. At the end, Bull helps the defendant with his son, and Bull figures out who Marissa is seeing.

This episode had a lot of focus on convincing the individual jurors, and a great emotional story with the client. The only issues I had with the episode were the incompetence of the lawyer, and I didn't find the Marissa story very compelling, though it got little time.

Score: 9/10

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