Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E4 Review

This week, Rebecca decides to get a makeover, with Josh and Greg having left her.

S2E4 "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?"

Paula comforts Rebecca after Greg leaves, and it is very sad when Rebecca says that Paula doesn't know what it's like to be at a crossroads. Rebecca sees the ghosts of Josh and Greg, like she did with Dr. Phil in an episode last season, and this is something I have very excited about.

Josh and Greg reveal that they are memory spirits, which is really funny. Rebecca decides to burn Josh and Greg's things, which is a terrible and completely Rebecca idea. She ends up having to stay with Heather, and it is hilarious when she discovers how nice Heather's parents are. Rebecca is hilariously inspired by the idea of rebranding as Miss Douche. Scott tries to prove to Paula that he can take care of things at home while Paula goes to law school, which goes hilariously wrong.

Rebecca pays five thousand dollars and she gets into the top ten of the Miss Douche contest, and she has a funny conversation with Paula about this. Rebecca runs into Josh, who she tries to assure that everything is going well. Rebecca doesn't want to compete in the contest anymore, but Heather forces her, in a moment that reveals a lot about Heather's background. Rebecca is asked at the contest who she is, which is a difficult question for her.

Paula presents her case, and she is asked who she is if she isn't a lawyer. Rebecca admits that she is not okay, which is a great moment. It is very sad when Rebecca leaves, and then funny when Heather is asked who she is, and she responds that she is a student. Paula is told that the brief she wrote was better than most lawyers, and that she would make a great lawyer, which is a wonderful moment, but difficult for her. Heather wins the contest, and then Heather decides to live with Rebecca, which has hilarious reasoning.

Rebecca visits Paula, and she asks what is going on with Paula. Rebecca goes back to her house, and tells imaginary Greg to go away, which is a great moment as she says goodbye, which she couldn't do at the beginning of the episode. At the end of the episode, Rebecca and Heather see Valencia eating a donut. I am so excited for the next chapter in Valencia's story.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

It was a S*** Show: There were some funny lines in this song, though I didn't feel the emotion behind the song until Greg left.

We Tapped that Ass: This is a hilarious song, and the tap dancing from Josh and Greg made it even better.

Makey Makeover: Annoying but funny, this song was just long enough, avoiding being too long and becoming more annoying than funny.

"It was a S*** Show" wasn't my favorite song, but the rest of the episode was great, exploring deep emotions for Rebecca, giving us some Heather backstory, and plenty of great jokes.

Score: 9.5/10

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