Modern Family S8E6 Review

This week Phil is interested in Jay's country club, which is sure to be funny.

S8E6 "Grab It"

The episode starts off with a funny scene at the Dunphys', where funny moments include Haley making a book look like it had been read. Phil hilariously tries to get Jay's attention at a country club, and it is also funny in this scene when the person driving Jay keeps correcting him. Gloria wants a night to herself, and it is hilarious when she makes Joe pretend to be a reindeer pulling her to make him tired.

Claire thinks that Alex wants to be like her, and her interview about this is hilarious, as she does something that Phil did in the pilot, which was a callback I loved. Jay doesn't want Phil to get into his country club, and he thinks that no one will like Phil, but they do, which is really funny. Then, Gloria goes crazy, and Mitch is hilarious at an interactive theatre experience as he criticizes the show.

Mitch steals the scene from Cam, which is really funny. Claire helps Gloria, which is fairly entertaining. Claire discover how Alex really does look up to her, when the businesswoman turns out to be obsessed with herself. Phil ends up stuck in a sauna, which is really funny. Jay talks about his feelings to Phil, which is very well written. At the end, Phil makes Jay come with him to a trampoline place.

There were plenty of great moments tonight, though Mitch and Cam's story took a bit to get good, and Gloria went a little too crazy for a bit.

Score: 9.5/10

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