CBS: How the New Shows Are Holding Up (Or Not)

Here's a look at how CBS's new shows are doing. They have six this fall, which can be considered a lot, from a new show from a former NCIS show to a reboot of MacGyver to three new comedies.

Kevin Can Wait
Kevin Can Wait is one of the more high-profile shows this fall, starring Kevin James of King of Queens fame, and probably best known by children as Mall Cop. Anyways he is back with a new family comedy which got plenty of Big Bang Theory exposure and did quite well after it, and though it fell a lot from there, it is still a solid addition to CBS's comedy rotation.

Man with a Plan
Man with a Plan is CBS's other new family sitcom, which stars Matt LeBlanc from some forgettable show from the 90s named Friends. Les Moonves actually went to the pilot's table read, which is something not many shows can say, though the reviews and ratings for this show have been very mediocre. Not bad by any means, but not great either. Though, I believe it's the only sitcom on CBS to have never aired an episode behind The Big Bang Theory (2 Broke Girls would be the only other possible one).

Bull Ratings
CBS was not shy this fall with getting established actors to star in their new shows; this post-NCIS drama stars former NCIS star Michael Weatherly, and is a classic CBS procedural that fits like a glove between two NCIS shows. After premiering well, it's simmered down a bit but is steady at decent ratings.

The Great Indoors
The Great Indoors gets to spend its season behind The Big Bang Theory--or at least is scheduled to do so. Its most recent episode got a 1.4 L+SD A18-49 rating, out of a 3.1 for Big Bang. That retention is the worst in recent history, even worse than Life in Pieces despite being way more compatible. It's most likely a possibility Superior Donuts takes over the time slot midseason if things get worse.

Pure Genius
Pure Genius secured the dreaded Thursday at 10 time slot and well, at least it's steady. It rightfully did not receive a backorder and will be replaced midseason. 

MacGyver is probably one of the biggest surprises of the season. Many expected it to be a huge flop and possibly even the first cancellation of the season. It hasn't improved on The Amazing Race is raw numbers, but MacGyver is so much more compatible with the rest of the night, as demonstrated by Hawaii 5-0's recent boost in the ratings, even hitting a 1.4 once. This is a classic case of a show that, while not lighting the ratings world on fire, demonstrates compatibility can be such an important factor in scheduling.

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