Fresh Off the Boat S3E4 Review

It's election time on Fresh Off the Boat, but it's Bill Clinton and Bob Dole instead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, since the show is set in 1996.

S3E4 "Citizen Jessica"

Jessica is against voting, because American politics are boring compared to those in Taiwan. The kids argue about who to vote for. Eddie supports Clinton because of gun control, Emery likes Dole, while Evan believes simply in the numbers, which indicate that there is no way Dole wins. I really don't buy Eddie's interest in the election. Jessica ends up supporting a proposition, and advocating for it, which seems more like the Jessica we know.

Eddie and his friends argue about who killed Tupac, which is really just annoying more than anything else. Emery asks people who they are voting for, and I love his response to a person voting for the Green Party candidate (you tell him Emery!) After calling I.N.S, Jessica discovers that she isn't in the country as legally as she had thought.

The show ends up raising the issue of how difficult it is to become a citizen, as Jessica explains why she has not. Louis prepares for voting to begin, and Jessica is pretty funny when she explains how she helped Hector. At the end of the episode, Dole ended up winning in precinct 42, which Emery is happy about.

This episode had a few funny moments, but not that many, and it felt unusual at some points.

Score: 6/10

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