Mom S4E3 Review

Bonnie and Adam argue even more this week, as they have this season so far as well.

S4E3 "Sparkling Water and Ba-Dinkers"

Christy waits outside as Bonnie and Adam fight, which is really funny. Adam tells Christy she's an American hero, which is a great line. Bonnie seems fine in the morning, and Christy is surprised, which leads to a great line about how the cops usually show up when Bonnie gets mad. Christy gets Bonnie to share at AA, and it is really funny when she talks about two women being smart because they are gay. Christy talks to Adam, and there are many great lines about Bonnie here.

Bonnie is angry about Adam being unable to perform in bed, and she has a great line about cats, to which Christy has an even better response, that it's more of a Marjorie question. Bonnie hilariously turns Steve on to prove she is still desirable, which she later calls a sacrifice to science, which I really enjoyed. Bonnie and Adam have a very emotional scene, which has a funny end. The women talk about having sex sober, and I especially loved Jill's line about what God was thinking when creating men's reproductive organs.

I wasn't all that excited about another Bonnie and Adam fight, but I think that the ending made it worth it. This episode also had many great jokes.

Score: 10/10

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