The Middle S8E6 Review

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to see the Hecks celebrate, and it is time again for them to give thanks, though how thankful can we actually expect them to be?

S8E6 "Thanksgiving VIII"

Frankie talks to Mike about how she doesn't like April, and makes hilarious excuses as to why she got three scoops of ice cream. Brick gets a job at Spudsy's, and it is pretty funny when his news keeps getting stolen from him. Frankie coordinates the family picture, and Axl asks April to be in it, which leads to some funny attempts by Frankie to get April out of the picture.

Sue criticizes all of Brick's decisions at work, which is hilarious. It is also very funny when Brick talks to Mike about this, and he says that the reason for going to work is to get away from your family. Frankie talks about all of the disadvantages of being the mom of the boy in a relationship, which is hilarious. Frankie discovers Sue and Brick don't like April, and Mike ends up on her side as well.

Sue and Brick get into another argument at work, and they both end up getting jalapeno in their eyes. Frankie discovers that a grandmother April is visiting isn't actually a grandmother, which leads to a rant from Frankie, which Axl overhears. As a result, Axl doesn't show up for Thanksgiving, which is a very sad moment.

This episode was very funny, including the recurring joke of the Hecks eating the Donahues' food, and then went boldly into serious territory. I'm glad that the show didn't drag out Frankie's secret dislike of April out for too long, and created a believable situation in which she would go on such a rant.

Score: 10/10

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