NBC: How the New Shows Are Holding Up (Or Not)

Finally, let's take a look at NBC's freshmen show ratings trajectories. NBC took a different approach than the other networks, only premiering 3 new shows, one of which premiered later than the vast majority of fall shows. Two of them air their full season after The Voice, while one got a post-Voice premiere, and gets to air regularly behind Superstore, their #1 comedy entering the season. So let's see how they're doing!

For the most part, Timeless got overshadowed by This is Us in terms of buzz, and the ratings show. While not exactly bad, it should be doing better after The Voice, and went as low as a 1.1 L+SD A18-49 number when The Voice was a recap special (still at a 2.0). There's been data that indicates Timeless is a big C3 and C7 gainer, but the fact that they're replacing it when The Voice's spring cycle rolls around isn't that great of a vote of confidence.

This is Us
This is Us is by far the greatest success of the season, receiving a record-breaking amount of views on its trailer over the summer, and premiering in the high 2s in the L+SD A18-49 demo. In fact, its most recent episode rated at a 2.4 in that demo, growing six tenths out of its Voice lead-in, something that was unheard of until This is Us accomplished it.

The Good Place
Few expected The Good Place to do well, which is why many were surprised by its strong post-Voice premiere numbers. The move to Thursdays definitely shows; it collapsed to the low 1s in the A18-49 L+SD demo, though that's still around on par with the rest of NBC's Thursday nights, and is an integral part of them attempting to rebuild their comedy brand. 

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