ABC Shows That Moved--How Are They Faring?

As a continuation of yesterday's article on how ABC's new shows are holding up (or not), I decided the next addition would be a demonstration of the ratings trends of the shows that moved. ABC moved five veterans this season, four of which air on Tuesdays.

The Middle
The Middle by far was the most high-profile move on ABC's schedule, given that it had aired all seven of its previous seasons on Wednesdays, and the past six of which aired at 8pm. The move caused it to be down this season way more than it's ever been, though so far it is a slight time slot improvement, something which will probably increase as the weeks go on given how quickly The Muppets collapsed.

Fresh Off The Boat
You know the show's name is Fresh Off The Boat when it moves time slots every 13 episodes, with each one ABC presumably hoping it starts living up to its potential. It's still a second-tier single-cam comedy, and isn't holding as much of American Housewife's audience as one might expect, but it's still at 100% of ABC's non-sports L+SD average, which counts for something.

The Real O'Neals
To make this a fair comparison, I only compared The Real O'Neals Season 1 Tuesday episodes to this season's episodes. On the bright side, it's steady. On the down side, this was supposed to be a slight time slot upgrade, and yet it's relatively steady with its spring numbers in a lower-viewed time slot and time of year. Its partial backorder was most likely the right call, though it's still trying to put up a fight given this week's uptick.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Nobody argued that this move was for the benefit of the show. Rather, SHIELD is being stuffed away at 10pm because it doesn't have the ratings to launch a new show or to warrant staying at 9pm. As a result, this happened:

The Goldbergs
After having a tough season premiere year-to-year comparison, The Goldbergs has only been down a couple tenths usually despite it moving to a harder time slot. It's also down much more than usual this year, though. Regardless, it still managed to be ABC's #3 show so far this season.

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