The Goldbergs S4E7 Review

On a list of things that ruin Thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure family is #1

S4E7 'Ho-ly K.I.T.T'

In Storyline A, Adam tries to get back at Murray for going to see K.I.T.T. the car at a parade with his brother Marvin instead of Adam. And what better way to exact revenge than to split the two brothers up. Dan Fogler (now famous thanks to Fantastic Beasts) has once again done a great job as uncle Marvin. His career has gone uphill ever since the disastrous ABC sitcom 'Man Up!' got canceled.(For those of you who are curious, don't bother checking on it. It was really crappy). ABC pulled a great stunt by airing this episode after Fantastic Beasts was released. Then again, Thanksgiving wouldn't be right without a Murray and Marvin moment. As for the whole Knight Rider aspect, I wasn't too into it especially since I have never seen an episode of the show. But from what I understand, it was pretty damn awesome so I guess the fans must have had a kick out of it.

In Storyline B, Beverly invites Lainey and her dad Bill Lewis for dinner to prevent Barry from having dinner at their house, but it soon turns into a cook-off between Beverly and Bill. It's always great to see David Koechner, whether it is The Office, Anchorman or Another Period, he seems to be doing well. Perhaps the best scene of the episode was where Bill and Beverly turn their cook-off into a fight over whose life was sadder.

Overall, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving episode, though honestly, I think Speechless had the best Thanksgiving episode I have seen this week. Perhaps mainly unlike Speechless, the best parts of the episode were the guest stars while Speechless focused more on its main characters.

Quote of the week: "I was mad you saw K.I.T.T. without me, but it was wrong to tear you guys apart. Also, it was shockingly easy to do. Honestly, it weirdly took no effort."
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