SNL: 10 People I Want to See Host in Season 42

With the new season of SNL approaching, and the first host, Margot Robbie, already announced, I thought I'd announce my picks for who should host in the upcoming season.

1) Sarah Paulson:

Sarah Paulson just won an Emmy, and AHS just came back. She would be a good fit for SNL, and could promote AHS:Roanoke or some other Ryan Murphy project. Plus, an SNL parody of AHS would be amazing.
2) Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Hamilton is a smash hit, and with Lin-Manuel Miranda no longer performing Hamilton daily, he now has time for an SNL appearance. He would probably fit right in. Plus, there could be one heck of a Hamilton parody.
UPDATE: Lin-Manuel Miranda will be hosting SNL on October 8th!

3) Jessica Lange:

With the new series Feud coming out in 2017, this could be a perfect time for Jessica Lange to host. While it's unlikely to happen, I would love to see her host. I just can't believe that she hasn't been on SNL at all yet. MAKE IT HAPPEN, LORNE.

4) Seth Meyers:

Every season season since he left, I hope for SNL to have Seth host. He's hilarious, and I miss seeing him on SNL. He would be great as a host, because he's already used to performing on SNL, and hosting a show. I just really want to see him return to SNL.
5) Tom Hanks:

Tom Hanks is a fantastic SNL host. He's always fantastic at hosting, and his shows are memorable. If he gets nominated for an Oscar, that could be a good time to host. Also, it's been too long since Hanks has hosted.
UPDATE: Tom Hanks will be hosting on October 22nd!
6) Rachel Bloom:

I would absolutely love to see Rachel Bloom host SNL. I think she would probably be a pretty good host, and would probably have a great musical monologue.
7) Kristen Bell

As we know, Kristen Bell has a new show this year. That we be a great reason for her to host SNL this year. She's incredibly funny, and would be a great host.
8) Kristen Wiig

Considering the fact that Masterminds comes out this September, I think it would be great to see someone from the movie host, because many SNL cast members are in the movie. My choice would be Kristen Wiig. She was a great host the first time, and I think she'd be a great host again.
UPDATE: Kristen Wiig will be hosting SNL on November 19th!

9) Lauren Graham

With the Gilmore Girls revival coming to Netflix in November, this would be a great time for Lauren Graham to host SNL. I'm actually kinda surprised that she hasn't yet hosted (or at least appeared on) SNL.
10) Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is (in my opinion) one of the funniest people on TV. She would probably make an excellent SNL host. Especially with this election season, Bee could do a Weekend Update desk piece or something where she talks about politics. Plus, she could deliver a top-notch monologue.

Honorable Mentions: Maria Bamford, Melissa McCarthy, Justin Timberlake, Emma Watson,Anthony Anderson, Emma Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland

Who do you want to see host SNL? Tell me in the comments!

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