Designated Survivor S1E6 Review

After a stressful and surprising Election Day, the state of the nation in Designated Survivor is actually somehow worse, as the Capitol has been destroyed, and almost all of the legislative and executive branches were killed.

S1E6 "The Interrogation"

President Kirkman hosts a dinner for the governors, so they can work on creating a Senate. The governor of Arizona seems to be someone who will be opposed to Kirkman, as she brings up what happened with the governor of Michigan. Kirkman talks about being an Independent, which is a choice made by the writers obviously not to put off any viewers, Democrat or Republican. Shots fired at the White House disrupt the party, which is an intense start to the episode.

Kirkman is going to have an issue with another governor, not Arizona as I expected but Florida. The president and first lady sit down with the governor, who sticks to his original call not to let the refugees off the plane. The governor of Arizona asks Kirkman to answer her questions, and if they like his answers, they will accept his appointees.

The interrogations begin, both of Kirkman by the governors and of Nassad by Hannah and her partner. The governor of Arizona suggests that Kirkman feels threatened by those who disagree with him. She later gets on him even more, wondering why he is qualified to be president, and he responds that she may be right.

The first lady continues to fight against the governor of Florida, and I love how strong she is in this fight. Hannah finally makes progress in the interrogation, but it is a quite typical method that is used. The governor of Arizona asks Kirkman to suspend all immigration, and he is left with the choice of immigration or a Congress.

Kirkman gives in to want the governors want, and he argues with his wife because of this. Kirkman plans to move forward with his Vice Presidential selection, which based on what Hannah knows is a bad idea. The reporter asks Seth about Leo not being the president's son, which reminds me about the kids' absence in the episode. At the end of the episode, things of course go wrong for Hannah.

There were some good moments of the episode, but it definitely wasn't perfect. This show isn't anything wonderful, but it is enjoyable.

Score: 8.5/10

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