Modern Family S8E7 Review

Nathan Fillion is back in the Thanksgiving episode of Modern Family.

S8E7 "Thanksgiving Jamboree"

Claire hilariously tries to figure out why Mitch is supposedly on board with a Thanksgiving jamboree, which is a typical thing to happen between the two of them. Haley plans to spend the weekend in Cabo with Rainer Shine, which she hasn't told her parents about and is worried how Phil would react.

Jay is annoyed by the jamboree, so he leaves, and Phil goes with him. Mitch tells Cam that he accidentally gave the Fizbo costume away, which Claire has hilarious reactions during. A funny chain of events leads to the goat dying, which is pretty funny. Phil, Jay, and Jerry confront a divorce attorney, and Phil has a hilarious line about being happily married most of the time.

After the lawyer has a heart attack, Phil has another hilarious line, about fast-forwarding through the non-romantic scenes of Grey's Anatomy. Gloria hilariously tries to cover up for Joe when the goat dies. At the end, the family plays football, and Phil tackles Rainer Shine.

This episode had many funny moments, but everything that happened aside from the two main stories, Mitch's and Phil's, felt like it was a bit random and poorly developed.

Score: 8.5/10

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