FOX: How the New Shows Are Holding Up (Or Not)

That that we've taken a look at ABC, CBS, and The CW, the next network to look at in terms of how the new shows are faring is FOX. This season they premiered four; partially animated sitcom Son of Zorn, procedural Lethal Weapon, baseball drama Pitch, and a TV adaptation of The Exorcist.

Son of Zorn
Son of Zorn got to have its premiere after football, which provided great exposure for the partially animated show that's produced by the same production company as The Last Man On Earth. However, it took a giant week 2 fall, and has seen its ups and downs based on the week because of football. It is currently one of FOX's highest-rated shows, though that may be deceiving.

Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon airs in the Wednesday at 8pm time slot, meaning the potential for pre-tune from Empire. This procedural though actually seems to have its own audience, even holding up when Empire isn't on. As one of the highest-rated new shows of the fall season, FOX has a freshmen success here.
Pitch is a baseball drama that most predicted would either do really good or really bad. In its defense, it has almost no lead-in in Rosewood despite having a potential audience overlap with Empire; on the down side, it did get some promotion during the World Series (more than most shows), and did not capitalize on it at all. Now hitting 0.7s, it's rating at less than 70% of FOX's non-football average, and doesn't have the Friday excuse that The Exorcist has.

The Exorcist
Movie adaptations and TV revivals haven't been working all that much on television lately except for Lethal Weapon. The Exorcist isn't much of an exception, though it does air on Friday and is arguably doing better than FOX and advertisers expected it to, so that's something.

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