Off Topic: Political Toilet

Some things are best if one flushes and doesn't give it anymore thought.  This election is one of those things.  Given there has been some impassioned opinions this week and throughout 2020, it is time to put things where they belong.  The regular Off Topic thread needs to restore the tone and balance with less politics, so this article is designed for folks who feel the need to puke it all out into the void.  Discuss away, but here's the ground rules:

1. No Name Calling. Haven't we done enough of that this year?

2. No threats or anything that could trigger the FBI to take a break from following Kathy Griffin and follow you for making an idle threat.

3. Curse all you want, and you can even be crass and crude.  But have some decency for fuck's sake!  Don't wish people dead, revel in someone dying or do anything which crosses a moral or couth line.  It may be time to brush up on your social skills or debate tactics otherwise.

4. Keep it all in here.  Don't go polluting the other boards on TVRG to argue with someone you disagree with.  This article is designed to be the place to fight it out and don't spread your fighting onto others involved.

5. If you threaten, bully or call in other bullies to fight for you, plan on getting kicked off the site.  Fight your battles honorably.

Let's make this work, so vent all your political frustrations here!

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