Jane the Virgin S3E5 Review

After how last week's episode ended, it looks like progress is happening in Petra's storyline. I'm excited to see where this story goes.

S3E5 "Chapter Forty-Nine"

The flashback at the start of the episode shows Jane having strong opinions, which is fairly entertaining. In the present, Jane and Rafael are unsure about Petra and whether or not she is Petra. Rafael overhears Anezka saying that she is going to kill someone, which is followed by a scene in the hospital with some hilarious narration. Then, Petra wakes up, and it is shocking when she says her name is Anezka. Petra reveals to Anezka what her plan is. Petra tries to break up with Scott herself instead of having Anezka do it, which leads to her having to kiss Scott. Yael Grobglas is wonderful in the scene when Petra actually breaks up with Scott, as she brings a real depth to Petra that she didn't reveal when she was playing Anezka pretending to be Petra.

Jane is very excited when Rafael invites Michael to work out at the gym, which is great. It is very funny when Jane texts Rafael, and then she and Michael talk about the text. Rafael and Michael have an awkward man date. It is really funny. After Michael misinterprets something and tells Jane, Rogelio decides to fix the relationship between Rafael and Michael, which is hilarious, and also totally a Rogelio thing to do. Eventually, Rafael and Michael talk, and it is a pretty good moment between the two of them.

Jane is excited to learn about her family, though Alba doesn't want to connect with this family. This goes wrong when Jane makes a donation to a charity, which doesn't really make sense since Jane and Michael were just struggling with budget. Alba reveals more to Jane about what happened with her sister, that her mother stopped talking to her, and died having not talked to her. This was a great moment, as it was a humbling one for Jane. Meanwhile, Xo tries to figure out what to do, but realizes she loves the energy of performance so much, that, through a hilarious song by Rogelio, with help from Jane and Alba, she should open a dance school.

Rafael tries to help Rogelio get into an American movie, which goes hilariously wrong. Rogelio's continued obsession with Rafael's attractiveness is very funny as well. Rogelio informs Jane, Xo, and Michael that a audition he got is for a role that requires fully frontal nudity, which is hilarious. It is especially hilarious when he mentions how Xo and Michael have seen his penis before, and he is really asking Jane if she is ok with seeing it. Rogelio has to borrow Rafael's shirt for the audition, and it is a pretty entertaining moment when Rogelio tells Rafael he had to tear the shirt and the buttons came off.

This was a strong episode. The relationship between Jane and Alba was explored deeply, which I loved, there were hilarious moments from Rogelio, Michael, and Rafael, and Petra's storyline advanced well, with a strong performance from Yael Grobglas.

Score: 10/10

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