Designated Survivor S1E7 Review

With excitement with politics dying down in America, does Designated Survivor remain interesting? I think that the situation in the show is so much different than real-life politics, with much more obvious stakes, that it shouldn't affect most's interest in the show.

S1E7 "The Traitor"

The deputy director of the FBI intends to inform Kirkman of their suspicions on his VP pick, but he is unable to when the congressman is in the room for the briefing. Seth goes to Tom about what the reporter told him, which could bring interesting family drama to this episode. Also, the story with the track and field coach gets more interesting when it turns out that he is CIA. The investigation into the congressman gets more interesting when he voluntarily gives up a lot of paperwork about himself.

Kirkman comes up with an interesting solution to the issue with Russia, forming a sort of triangle of trading. Alex visits Leo's possible father in jail, who has a logical motive, he wants to be released from jail. The Russians end up not following through with the deal, which a surprising step for the story, but it turns out that the coach is actually a double agent. These twists are almost getting too much.

Seth negotiates with the reporter, and I wish there were more moments with him in the show. Leo finally makes an appearance near the end of the episode, as Tom checks in on him. Hannah receives a file from the CIA in a mysterious and intense scene, which is one of the scenes I have most enjoyed in recent episodes of the show. The deputy director's family is threatened, creating very interesting stakes.

The plot really got interesting at the end of the episode, but before the last five minutes it was simply pretty good. I wish that Seth got more screen time, and that there was more time dedicated to the family, who have hardly been appearing.

Score: 9/10

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