The Middle S8E5 Review

This week, Brick turns 15 so he is old enough to get his permit, and Sue has to pick her major.

S8E5 "Roadkill"

Brick has turned 15, which means he can get his permit. It's really funny when everyone is surprised that he is 15. He turns out to be a terrible driver, so Frankie and Mike hilariously hide from him. Axl takes Brick out driving, and Brick knocks over a cow statue. In the morning, a neighbor tells Frankie and Mike about how Orson is under attack because of the cow getting knocked over. Brick took a cow horn from the scene. Axl's plan, which is pretty funny, is to bury the cow horn in the yard. Axl and Brick offer a reward, but this backfires when the Glossners try to take it. At the end, Brick and Axl have to confess that they knocked over the cow.

Sue has to decide on her major, and her problem is she has too many majors she is interested in. Frankie and Mike have a hilarious conversation about this, which I especially loved when Mike listed the four fun jobs. Frankie talks to Sue about her major choice, and she accidentally reveals that Mike sold the diaper business, so Sue goes to Mike to ask what she should major in. Sue picks a major of hospitality and hotel management, because it incorporates things from her other interests.

This is a great episode. Brick and Sue both had hilarious stories, and the fact that this episode only had two gave each a lot of time.

Score: 10/10

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