The Great Indoors S1E4 Review

This week, the millennials take a trip to the 90's in a way, as they clean out Jack's storage unit.

S1E4 "You Don't Know Jack"

Jack is nice to the millennials at work so that they will help him clean out his storage unit, which is pretty funny. They make the items into a timeline, which is really funny, but their lack of knowledge about many items is completely unrealistic. I was born in 1998 and knew what the things were, someone born in the early 90's definitely should have.

Everyone wants to know about Jack's ex-girlfriend, and he ends up telling them about her. Jack meets with her, and it is fairly funny as Emma crashes from all of the Red Bulls she drank. The rest of the episode isn't very funny, except for a conversation between Jack and Clark, dressed as young Jack.

The episode started out funny, but then ended up not being very funny after the first act.

Score: 6.5/10

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