Fresh Off the Boat S3E5 Review

It's Thanksgiving this week on Fresh Off the Boat, but the Huangs won't be celebrating it.

S3E5 "No Thanks-Giving"

Jessica argues to the family why they shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving, and should work instead, and Grandma Huang has some hilarious lines here. Grandma Huang watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at the restaurant, and it is hilarious when she talks all about Garfield. Jessica attempts to rig the raffle, but it goes wrong, and she hilariously has to kill the turkey.

Eddie hilariously discovers that 8th grade doesn't matter, and he compares it to Thanksgiving for Jessica. Eddie and Jessica end up in a battle as a result of this, which gets very funny. Jessica appears to have a holiday change of heart, but it turns out she is faking, which is hilarious and very typical Jessica.

Emery and Evan want to inherit the restaurant, so they work hard to help with Thanksgiving, and Emery is hilarious when he talks about maze. Jessica insults Louis when she says she doesn't want any of the kids to inherit the restaurant, but they share a sweet moment when she explains why.

This was definitely the strongest episode of the season so far. There were many funny moments through the episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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