The First Three Weeks: New Network Shows Fall 2016- Part 2: The Second Episodes

Welcome to a new feature on The TV Ratings Guide. I'll be discussing the First Three Weeks of the new fall shows in these four installments, ranking them by each episode. In the fourth edition, I'll do an overview of what I saw in the first three episodes of the new shows.  I'll return with another edition for Midseason, and with another edition called Last Three Weeks, to check up on the shows (I'll obviously only include shows I continued to watch on this list). After the pilots, I stopped watching Pitch.

Unranked: Notorious, Pitch

#18- Conviction

This episode bored me to tears. I wanted to really enjoy this show. I was excited when it was picked up, thought the premise was decent, and liked that Hayley Attwell had a new show. But it was a disappointment. I gave up on this show 30 minutes into episode 2. I have too much else to watch.
Episode Grade: F
Episode Score: 3/10

#17- The Exorcist

This wasn't a show that I loved in episode one. And it isn't a show I loved in episode 2, either. Episode 2 was quite boring. Less happened than the Pilot, and I honestly don't care what happens in it, or if I miss an episode.
Episode Grade: C-
Episode Score: 6/10

#16- MacGyver

This show is really just okay. There honestly isn't that much for me to say about it. It's just okay. I honestly sometimes forget that it even exists, but it's fine.
Episode Grade: C+
Episode Score: 7/10

#15- The Great Indoors

This one was actually less funny and more boring than the pilot episode. And the pilot wasn't exactly a masterpiece, either. It's not that I don't like this show, it's that it isn't working so far. But I'll give it time.
Episode Grade: C+
Episode Score: 7/10

#14- Pure Genius

Pure Genius's pilot really impressed me. That said, episode 2 was not quite as impressive. It was still interesting, but it didn't hook me in the same way that the pilot did. I'll continue to enjoy the goings-on at Bunker Hill, but I hope it can be the show that the pilot was.
Episode Grade: B-
Episode  Score: 7.5/10

#13- Man With a Plan

This one showed real improvement. I actually enjoyed it. I can't even believe I'm saying that right now. I don't know. This episode had something special that the pilot just didn't have. I liked it.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#12- Bull

This one really impressed me. The pilot left me disappointed and a bit bored, and this episode was enjoyable. I found it to be a smarter and better episode than the pilot.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#11- Son of Zorn

This show also showed a slight improvement over its pilot. It still hasn't quite found its groove, with some material just not landing, but it's a good show. I can already tell that this one will grow on me. It's just taking awhile.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8/10

#10- Kevin Can Wait

Kevin Can Wait is not a quality show. But it's a show that I really enjoy. The second episode was better than the pilot, and that's good. I'll watch it as long as it's on, but I won't cry if it doesn't survive very long.
Episode Grade: B
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#9- Designated Survivor

While Designated Survivor's pilot was far from the best this season, it was still good and set up what looks to be an interesting show. This episode continued to do that, as it was really interesting, and made me look forward to what's yet to come.
Episode Grade: B+
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#8- Frequency

I loved Frequency's pilot, so this episode was a slight tick downward for me. While it was still good and enjoyable to watch, it wasn't as exciting or fun as the pilot. I'm hoping that this isn't a sigh to come for the series, because it has so much potential.
Episode Grade: B+
Episode Score: 8.5/10

#7- No Tomorrow

The No Tomorrow pilot was a bit slow, but picked up at the end. They used that momentum, and delivered a really fun second episode that was even better than Frequency's. I can tell that this ride (though likely short) will be a fun one.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#6- This Is Us

This episode was a slight step down from the pilot, which was great. This episode felt like it was setting up a lot of plots for the season, so I'll give it a pass. It was still really good, and better than most second episodes of new shows.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#5- Speechless

This was a great episode, and an improvement on the pilot. Now that the family is somewhat settled in, they can really shine in the show. They did in this episode, and it was a lot of fun to watch. This show makes a great addition to a great comedy lineup.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#4- Lethal Weapon

This was a great episode. Lethal Weapon has done a really great job of reinventing the procedural, and adding humor. This is probably the best police procedural on right now (even better than SVU), and that's quite an accomplishment, because I love SVU.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

#3- Timeless

This was a HUGE improvement on the pilot. The entire episode was interesting, and the Abe Lincoln story was a great choice for early in the series. It felt like an entirely different show than the pilot.
Episode Grade: A
Episode Score: 9.5/10

#2- American Housewife

I truly loved this episode. I can't even say one thing bad about it. It's probably going to be the best of the series, because I can't see anything topping it. Sandy was amazing.
Episode Grade: A+
Episode Score: 10/10
My full review can be found here.

#1- The Good Place

This was another great episode from the best new show this season. The Good Place's pilot was great, and so was Flying. It was a perfect episode.
Episode Grade: A+
Episode Score: 10/10
NOTE: This grade is given to "Flying". Flying was episode 2, but aired as part of a one hour block.

Network Averages:

#5- ABC, 7.63, Grade of B-

ABC is the only network to have declined in week 2. Conviction went from decent to terrible, leading to a larger-than-expected drop. All of the other shows either improved or stayed steady.

#3 (tie)- CBS, 7.66, Grade of B

CBS two newest shows, The Great Indoors and Pure Genius, got a bit worse in week two, while Man With a Plan, Bull, MacGyver, and Kevin Can Wait got better. For that reason, CBS slightly improves week to week.

#3 (tie)- Fox, 7.66, Grade of B

Fox improved this week, jumping from fifth to third. While the Exorcist got worse, Lethal Weapon was just as good and Son of Zorn was better. The real reason Fox improved so much is because I stopped watching Pitch.

#2- The CW, 8.75, Grade of A-

The CW's shows improved on average in week 2 (No Tomorrow received a 1-point bump, while Frequency declined by .5). This raises the CW average to 8.75, meaning the CW rises to #2.

#1- NBC, 9.50, Grade of A

NBC's shows improved (on average) versus their Pilots. This is Us fell to my third favorite new NBC show in this week, while Timeless prevailed as a strong #2, with an excellent episode. The Good Place stayed solid with a perfect score again.

Most Improvement from Pilot: Bull
Biggest Drop in Quality from Pilot: Conviction
Biggest Surprise: Timeless, for delivering an interesting episode that was much better than the first.

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