Speechless S1E8 Review

This week Ray wants to go on a field trip, and J.J. wants to kiss the girl he met recently.


Ray has a field trip coming up, and he has to be on time, so the family does practice runs. This is very funny, because the family is terrible at getting out of the house quickly. The funniest is the third practice run, when the family is actually going to be on time, but then they decide to stop for breakfast. In the real thing, Ray ends up choosing J.J. over the field trip, and they have a great conversation.

J,J, finally asks Claire, the girl in the wheelchair, out. It is pretty funny when he tells his parents, and then very funny when Maya decides she wants to help. Ray pretends to be Claire to practice purposes, which is hilarious. It is very sad, however, when the real date doesn't end the way J.J. had hoped. Ray helps J.J. get to the hospital, and Dylan has a hilarious line about what the boys would do to Emma Watson.

Dylan predicts what toy will be popular every year, so that Jimmy can buy many of these and then sell them for a higher price, but she no longer is able to predict, because she has grown up. Due to this realization, she has a great line about watching Scandal. Dylan eventually tells Jimmy this, and it is pretty funny when he then reveals many of the creepy toy she chose in his closet.

Ray and J.J. had especially strong stories this week, and Dylan's was very entertaining as well. This was the best episode yet of Speechless.

Score: 9.5/10

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