Speechless S1E7 Review

The DiMeos celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time that we get to see.


The family decides not to have Thanksgiving with Jimmy's family, and there are funny remarks about why Kenneth doesn't get invited places. The family members talk about a person who drives them the most crazy, which includes some very funny habits. They then decide to play a game to see who will be the most annoying, except Ray who wants to stay out of the drama. This is a great set-up for a lot of potential humor.

The points stack up in the game, which is of course entertaining. Jimmy ends up running away with it in the competition, and when he starts yelling at his brother, it leads to a driving skills competition. However, at this point it is revealed that they're actually broke now, which is actually extremely similar to a past Fresh Off the Boat episode. Meanwhile, Ray and Kenneth ruin the turkey, and their solution is pretty funny. Despite trying to avoid drama, Kenneth receives a phone call that ruins that.

Jimmy talks to his brother, and then the entire family gets in line for a Black Friday sale. In the store, Dylan discovers why her cousin says the words he does, and Maya discovers why her sister-in-law cries, both of which are funny discoveries. At the end, the family auctions off the TV to people waiting outside the store, which is pretty funny.

The game part of the episode had many funny moments, and the rest of the episode was pretty funny.

Score: 9/10

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