Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E5 Review

I am very excited to see the next chapter in Valencia's story, after Rebecca discovered her last week eating a donut.

S2E5 "Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?"

The episode starts with a scene set way in the past, where Rebecca and Valencia are cave women, which is hilariously crazy. Heather thinks that Rebecca's theory is crazy, and it is really funny that anytime Rebecca mentions Josh, she has to pay Heather five dollars. Paula's first day of class is really funny when she talks to another older person in her class, and there is some great dark humor. Rebecca is really funny when she thinks she has a good idea, taking Valencia to a festival.

White Josh, Darryl, Rebecca, and Valencia all going to the same place works out really well, as the show can easily go back and forth between the two stories. Rebecca and Valencia accidentally drink drugs, and the results are hilarious, as both Valencia and Rebecca imagine themselves dancing with Josh. This causes Valencia realize she's sad about Josh, and Rebecca realize she wants to kill him.

Valencia gets real with Rebecca, which is a wonderful moment. They hide from Josh when he shows up, but then Rebecca decides that they should put their anger to use. Rebecca's idea is that they pee on his stuff, which is completely crazy, and very funny. Paula and her new friend sneak into their classmate's room to steal his app, and it's entertaining to see them get along like this, and for Paula to be up to things like this again.

Rebecca and Valencia both yell at Josh about what they did to the other girl, and they make fun of him. It is fun and funny to see them getting along like this. Darryl runs into Rebecca, and he talks to her about his problem, to which she suggests going as far as kidnapping, which is pretty funny. Darryl and White Josh talk, and it is a great moment between the two of them. White Josh meets Madison, and it is very cute. Rebecca has a funny moment with Heather and Valencia, and then Paula shows up with her new friend. It is really sad that they seem to be drifting apart from each other. I didn't see this coming, and it is really sad, but interesting.

And now for my thoughts on the episode's songs...

Thought Bubbles: This was a very fun song, that introduced a new problem for Josh, about trying to not be alone. It was also very funny in how random parts of it were.

It sadly didn't have much music in it, but this was still a very enjoyable episode, with crazy moments from Rebecca and Valencia.

Score: 9.5/10

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