The Middle S8E7 Review

After last week's surprising cliffhanger when the show got serious, I am very excited to see what happens next.

S8E7 "Look Who's Not Talking"

Frankie is very happy about a new store opening with low prices, which is really funny, but sadly she isn't happy for long, because of Axl not talking to them. She tries to write an email to him, but she struggles with the tone, which is very funny. Frankie has a very funny line after a funny picture of a carrot she sends to Axl doesn't get a response. Mike goes to talk to Axl, and it results in Axl not talking to any of them.

Brad visits Sue, which is very entertaining. It is very fun to see them catching up. He tells her about New York, and she tells him about what's going on with Axl. It is also very funny when Sue has to deal with the temporary room she's staying in, where she isn't allowed to decorate, but her and Brad do anyway. It is then hilarious when Sue meets the other people in the room. Brad reveals to Sue that he dropped out of NYU. Brad and Sue then have a great conversation about this, and I am excited that it's looking like we are going to get more Brad soon.

Frankie and Mike discover that Brick has a new tick, where he sings a jingle from a commercial, going "You're going to love our pizza." He is also unaware of this tick. There is a very funny conversation he has with his old middle school counselor. It turns out Brick needs to have more fun, so at the end of the episode the family has fun, but it isn't really a happy ending, with Axl still not talking to them.

This episode did a great job of carrying on last week's story, and it had wonderful moments with Brad and Sue. This is the best episode of the season so far, and one of the best episodes of The Middle in recent years.

Score: 10/10

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