The Goldbergs S4E6 Review

Once again, television has been used to maintain one of many stereotypes. In this episode, it's the "Girls love shopping" stereotype.

S4E6 'Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook'

In Storyline A, Adam and Murray work together to make a movie after they discover that they have a mutual love for action films like Commando and Rocky. Adam trying to make crappy movies is always fun to watch, and having Coach Mellor as part of the movie was one of the best parts of the episode. Murray was being a bit of a jerk to Adam by messing with the movie but I suppose he was justified since he was the producer so Adam was in the wrong as well. Still, the final product came out OK

In Storyline B, Erica tries to get Beverly to buy her a dress from Benetton but Beverly is depressed over the recent closure of her favourite clothes shop Gimbels. I felt that Erica was being plain rude to Beverly by not giving her time to grieve over the demise of Gimbels. And the way they made up with each other felt a bit too convenient( a 50-50-50 closing sale discount sounds too good to be true) But hey, Beverly got some fancy new sweaters so I got that going for me.

This is probably one of the most one sided episodes I have seen, with one story being very good and the other not so much. I think like Pops could have had more to do besides sit around, Lainey could have been smarter and we needed more Barry. I didn't get enough of him this week. Hopefully next week has a Barry centric episode.

Lastly, has anyone wondered what happened to Chad Kremp? I think he got replaced by Dave Kim to be Adam's best friend. I don't know whether the switch was due to popularity or diversity, but I'm betting on the former. Dave Kim is hilarious.

Quote of the week: "Mommy, remember that time I lived in your tummy?"

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