The Great Indoors S1E3 Review

The first two episodes of The Great Indoors were not very funny, so I was not expecting much coming into episode three.

S1E3 "Step One: Shelter"

Brooke has to cut costs at the website, which leads to a great reaction from the rest, including her father. Jack has to find an apartment, which ends up requiring help from the millennials. Brooke talks to her father about being the bad cop, and there is a funny line about how her mother calls her "bad news Brooke". Clark tries to convince Jack to stay with him, which is really funny. Then, there is an offensive scene where Jack meets Koreans that Eddie is letting stay, which really annoyed me.

Jack goes to Clark's place, which is hilariously small, and has many great moments. Back at work, Brooke has to make a great save when she says she knows about Jack's sleep-bragging, and then Brooke finds that her dad is still not being the bad cop. Brooke's dad discovers he actually enjoys being bad cop, which is fairly entertaining, and the end in Clark's crowded apartment is pretty funny. Finally, the tag with the Koreans is just as bad as the original scene with them.

This episode was a major improvement upon the first two. The part with the Koreans was annoying, and some jokes weren't great, but overall it was a funny episode.

Score: 8.5/10

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