Speechless S1E6 Review

This week, J.J. is interested in a girl, while Ray tries to make friends.

S1E6 "D-A-T-E-DATE?"

A girl at the school is temporarily in the wheelchair, and J.J. becomes interested in her. It's funny when he shows her the school. J.J. thinks he has been asked on a date, but it turns out that she actually was inviting him to study with a group.

Maya has a group of special needs mothers over, and this is pretty funny. At the same time, Ray has friends over, and it is really funny how awkward he is. Ray becomes popular when a picture of his nipple is mistaken for being a picture of a girl's, and it is funny when he goes to school and everyone gives him thumbs up and such. It is then really funny when Maya has to meet with the principal, and they both end up saying "sexual" over and over again.

Dylan is angry about trophies being given to people who haven't earned it, and this seems too typical and over-the-top. Jimmy shows her his work, where he has to deal with people, and it isn't all that funny, though it does finally tell us what Jimmy's job is.

J.J. and Ray had strong stories this week, while Dylan's wasn't that strong.

Score: 9/10

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