The Great Indoors S1E5 Review

This week The Great Indoors deals with criticism and diversity.

S1E5 "No Bad Ideas"

Jack conducts Clark's performance review, which isn't funny. What is funny is when Brooke turns to Mason and Emma to help with the interns, and she can't figure out what to say about why she chose them. Jack ends up having to have a person follow him around at work when Clark's mom comes in.

It is somewhat entertaining when Jack pretends to be interested in what Clark is saying. Brooke ends up putting labels on the intern candidates, which is really funny. It is pretty funny when Brooke discovers that a candidate has been chosen, and since then Mason and Emma haven't done any other work. Jack and Clark's story wraps up with little humor.

I really enjoyed Brooke's story, but Jack's story was unfunny. Despite a surprisingly solid week three, this show has gone back to being largely boring.

Score: 5.5/10

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