Fresh Off the Boat S3E6 Review

This week, Jessica and Evan go to Costco, which I have been very excited about.

S3E6 "WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?"

Jessica picks Evan up from school, and they are excited about Evan getting a Costco card. It is very funny when they go to Costco, as they are very excited about the deals, and make the most out of the trip by reading, trying on sunglasses, and more. Meanwhile, Louis gets his teeth cleaned by Marvin, and Marvin whitens his teeth, which Louis doesn't like.

Evan goes to church with his friend, and it is funny how Jessica is upset about going to Costco alone. There is also a hilarious flashback where Louis considered converting to Mormonism. Jessica is very funny when she goes to Costco alone, missing Evan while he is there. Jessica sees Evan praying, and there is a hilarious line from Louis what Evan is doing in his room. It is then hilarious when Jessica pretends to be God.

Eddie chips his tooth, and there are some funny jokes playing with the 4 out of 5 dentists idea. Jessica realizes that church is Evan's Costco, and it is very funny when a person plays religious sounding music in the aisle. At the end, Evan ends up going to Costco one week because of something new they got.

Jessica and Evan's story was great, but I didn't see the need for Louis's story.

Score: 8.5/10

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