Frequency S1E6 & E7 Review

Have you ever heard of a nullified win? Well that's probably the best way to explain what happens in E6.

S1E6 'Deviation'

In E6, Frank tries to save a nurse who was meant to be one of the Nightingale's victims while in 2016, Raimy deals with a convict who claims to have created a device which allowed him to speak with his future self. Now a lot of you readers may know Curtis Armstrong from Supernatural and Revenge of the Nerds, but I've know him ever since I found out that he voiced the titular character on the underrated cartoon Dan Vs. It's interesting to know that he is a man of many talents. But apart from him, Raimy's story was OK until the big twist at the end of the episode. Frank's story was better this week since it involved his first encounter with the Nightingale. While this episode didn't help much in trying to figure out who the Nightingale is, it was still a good attempt at showing us how dangerous he is.

Quote of the week 1: 'I'm giving you the idiot's version'

S1E7 'Break, Break, Break'

In E7, Raimy gets Satch to help her out with the Nightingale investigation  in an effort to motivate him after he put in his papers for retirement. Meanwhile in 1996, Frank has to deal with the fact that Jules wants to move on, especially after she finds out about his girlfriend during his undercover days. For once it was a pleasant turn of events to see the show give some more focus on Satch. I thought it would have been weird to see him quit after just 7 episodes but I think it will be interesting to see where his character is headed, provided he doesn't get shoved to the side later on. Now that the main characters have been established, perhaps now the show could work on its supporting cast like Daniel, Gordo and Stan Moreno. Moreno is still being portrayed as just a jerk but I feel like they should give us some more details about him if he really wants to be a formidable antagonist. Overall the episode was pretty great, especially with the bonding between Raimy and Satch and their latest discovery regarding the Nightingale.

Quote of the week 2: "You know, when you first start this job, it's what you do. But then somewhere along the way, it becomes who you are."

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