Mom S4E4 Review

The show started out with Christy worried she was passing her issues in her life to her kids, when Violet got pregnant. The show revisits that idea this week, when Roscoe is discovered smoking pot.

S4E4 "Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare"

At the start of the episode, Christy video-chats with Violet, who hilariously spews lies. Baxter and Candace bring Roscoe along with news that Roscoe has been smoking pot. There are some really funny lines in here, such as when Bonnie wonders where he learned to smoke and soak, and when Baxter says dumb things. Christy gets outraged at Candace when she blames Christy for the incident.

Christy and Bonnie talk about what to do, which of course means some hilarious lines, especially from Bonnie, who has a great line about not snitching. The women talk at coffee, and they all have some very funny lines here. Christy goes to talk to Baxter at work, and he says some very funny embarrassing things. Bonnie continues her life lesson with Roscoe, as she tells Christy what he tells her.

Christy shares at a meeting, and it is really funny when she keeps saying "don't look at him" about Roscoe, and then hilarious when Bonnie makes fun of that talking about Christy. Bonnie wants to get Christy to make Baxter give the two of them a trip to Hawaii in exchange for not telling Candace, which is a very funny plan and typical Bonnie. Baxter talks to Roscoe, and discovers the reason he smoked pot is because they were out of beer, which is very funny. What has Roscoe been up to in this time we haven't seen him?

The writing in this episode was excellent, with so many great lines in every scene. So, great job writers Sheldon Bull, Adam Chase, and Warren Bell!

Score: 10/10

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