Jane the Virgin S3E6 Review

Jane gets to know her cousin this week, which is sure to lead to some sort of problem.

S3E6 "Chapter Fifty"

The episode starts by showing how Jane always wanted a sister, and how she felt that kind of connection with her cousin she has just met. Michael isn't very excited about this, and is quite suspicious. Alba decides to meet with Jane's cousin, which is a wonderfully difficult decision for Alba.

Catalina meets Rafael, and there is a spark between them, the results of which end up being pretty funny. Alba meets Catalina, and everything goes well until Alba's sister's side of the story is revealed. After initially telling Rafael that he and Catalina can't date, Jane eventually lets them date after an entertaining scene where Michael proves that he's fun.

Jane talks to her adviser, who tells her that she has gotten her an interview for assistant job at a publisher she loves. It is easy to feel Jane's excitement, which leads to feeling her disappointment when the interview takes a bad turn. The resolution to this story feels weak, almost as if the problems solve themselves.

Rogelio helps Xo get a dance studio, which leads to a flashback to them in high school, which is a very entertaining scene. Xo and Rogelio dance in the present, but then Rogelio gets hurt. The two talk, and it is a great scene where they really connect.

Xo talks to her ex, and it leads to them kissing, just as Rogelio goes to tell Xo that the thing that matters most is how they feel about each other. Rogelio is hilarious when he tells a woman that his mission is to have children, and asks if she will help him.

Petra takes power, and it is entertaining to watch. I loved a scene where she told Scott they aren't getting back together. Scott sues Petra for sexual harassment, so she turns to Rafael for help. Rafael agrees, and together stand against Scott, but it turns out this was the plan all along.

I was not that big of a fan of the Rafael part of the Catalina story, and I had issues with the way Jane's job story ended, but the rest of the episode was very entertaining.

Score: 8/10

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